Inside Portable Match Equipment Hydraulic Basketball Hoop Stand

Model NO. LDK1002
Electric Hydraulic Yes and support remote control
Base Size:2.4×1.2×0.45×0.38m, Material: high grade steel plate
Padding: 100mm thickness,high grade leather,foam,wood etc.
Extension Length: 3.35m 
Backboard Size: 1800x1050x12mm 
Aluminium alloy frame 
Certified safety tempered glass, If broken, the pieces of glasses do not split off.
Protective sleeve:  FIBA standard
1. Super Durable polyurethane padding
2. 50mm thick for bottom, 20mm thick for others
Backboard Elasticity : 500N/1m, center deflection≤6mm, recover within 1-2 mins.  
Strong under impact resistance,high transparency,non-reflective, good weather resistance,anti-aging,corrosion-resistant.
Rim Dia: 450 mm
Material: Φ18mm round steel
Surface treatment Electrostatic epoxy powder painting, environmental protection, anti-acid, anti-wet, painting thickness: 70~80um
Balancing weight Concret blocks packed in iron sheet, 30Kg/pcs, 540 Kg total every stand
Portable Built-in 4 wheels,can be easily moved. 
Foldable and easy for storage. 
Safety Fully padded structure for maximum safety


Portable:  The basketball hoop is built-in 4 wheels,so it can be easily moved.Also our hoop can be foldable,it's much convenient for the storage.Besides,this kind basketball hoop support remote control.

Durability:  The hoop surface is electrostatic epoxy powder painting. It's environmental protection and anti-acid, anti-wet; Also the protective sleeve of backboard is international standard with super durable polyurethane padding.Unlike other factory's making,it can be used for a long time.

Safety:  The pieces of glasses do not split off if the backboard is broken it's Certified safety tempered glass.The basketball hoop is fully padded structure for maximum safety,the hoop's heavy duty can support slum dunk totally with no worries.

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