Pro Lifetime Outdoor Glass Backboard Basketball Hoop For Sale


Model NO. LDK1006
Base Size:2×1×0.2×0.42m                                                                                                               
Material: high grade 3mm steel plate and CHANNEL   
Padding: 100mm thickness,high grade leather,foam,wood etc.
Goal Height 3.05m
Extension Length: 2.25m 
Backboard Size: 1800x1050x12mm 
Aluminium alloy frame 
Certified safety tempered glass                                                                                
If broken, the pieces of glasses do not split off.
Protective sleeve:  FIBA standard                                                                           
1.Super Durable polyurethane padding
2.50mm thick for bottom, 20mm thick for others
Backboard Elasticity : 500N/1m, center deflection≤6mm,
recover within 1-2 mins.  
Strong under impact resistance,high transparency,non-
reflective, good weather resistance,anti-aging,corrosion-resistant.
Rim Dia: 450 mm
Material: Φ18mm round steel
Surface treatment Electrostatic epoxy powder painting, environmental protection,
anti-acid, anti-wet, painting thickness: 70~80um
Balancing weight Concret blocks packed in iron sheet, 30Kg/pcs, 540 Kg total
every stand
Safety Fully padded structure for maximum safety
Padding Protective padding optional



High Strength:   The hoop backboard is made of certified safety tempered glass, aluminium alloy frame which has strong under impact resistance,high transparency,non-reflective, good weather resistance,anti-aging,corrosion-resistant.The material of hoop is high grade 3mm steel plate and CHANNEL which make it become more steady.

Durability:  The hoop surface is electrostatic epoxy powder painting. It's environmental protection and anti-acid, anti-wet; Also the protective sleeve of backboard is FIBA standard with super durable polyurethane padding.Unlike other factory's making,it can be used for a long time.

Safety:  The pieces of glasses do not split off if the backboard is broken it's Certified safety tempered glass.The basketball hoop is fully padded structure for maximum safety,the hoop has a good heavy duty.

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